Houston Walk for Hearing Nov. 4, 2008

Hello Everyone

Just another awesome Houston HLA event.  The Houston Walk for Hearing at Tom Bass Park on November 4, 2008.  Wow, what a day, we had fabulous weather, fabulous people, fabulous food and of course a fabulous cause.  Walk for Hearing, check it out at www.hearingloss.org .  Our awesome chapter was able to raise over $20000. Way to go, Houston!  We were all so excited, we raised soooooooooooo much moolah, considering the Hurricane Ike cancelled our kickoff and we lost a little bit of momentum due to Ike.  However, that did not deter our awesome chapter.  We all rallied together and still made it happen!!!!!!!!

In addition, the National Walk goal was to reach $700k and my gosh! They did it! All in all, all the walk teams contibuted to a grand total of just over $750k…..Wow!!!!!!!! 

It was my first time to participate in the Walk and raise money as well.  I was excited too, because I reached my personal goal of raising $500.  With the help of my walk team “Champion Ears” and Individidual donations, we raised $525!!!!!  Furthermore, all members of my team had a great time at the walk and they all expressed the sentiment of “they will be back next year” with more donations and friends to walk on the team.  They were impressed with our organization and they want to share the info!  Wow! This advocacy stuff really works!!!

Furthermore, it was great to see many members of the Houston Hla organization participating in the walk, as well as the various vendors and organizations  that help contribute to the success of  the hard of the hearing in the hearing world.  Thanks a million Houston for all that you do!

See more walk photos at www.flickr.com/photos/susannadussling/

See y’all next year! The date is November 7, 2009 at Tom Bass Park.  Let’s go for $30k plus!!!! I know we can do it! After all, we have awesome group in Houston!

Have a sunny day! Susanna

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