Hello Everyone!

Yes, it has been a long time since I wrote on this blog.  Many things are the same, yet many things are different.

As for hearing loss, I am still passionate about creating awareness about hearing loss.  I still love to “Speak,” however, I enjoy it best when I speak occasionally.

As for work, it is still in transition.  However, I just graduated with a Master’s degree from University of Houston in Human Resources Development.  I am looking for a professional position that will be the best fit for me and the organization.

Yes, I am still passionate about horses.  However, I do not own any at the moment.  I do plan to ride and show again the future.  I just need to take care of other more important priorities right now.

Since, I am not currently riding, I do have a new passion where I make money, instead of spending money.  I love to update old gently, loved furniture.  I turn your pieces into wonderful conversation pieces, whether it’s shabby chic, french country, cottage chic, or farm.  I am addicted to this new hobby of mine!

IMG_04722 gorgeous night stands that I updated!  I love the way this turned out.  go to http://facebook.com/hopeandhappinessvintagefurniture to find out more.

As always, have a sunny dayIMG_1126


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