About Me

Hello EveryoneI am a legally deaf person since birth, who has worn hearing aids since the age of 3 and I grew up as as a productive member of the hearing world.   My  physical challenges did not stop me  from reaching my goals and aspirations.  I currently have a successful professional career in Retail management and  Public speaking. In addition, I am a Cochlear Awareness Network Volunteer and  I also have a rewarding, challenging pastime of showing  horses. About 4 years ago, my life changed drastically, I was thrown into the deaf world, literally and physically, when I suddenly lost all the remainder of my hearing. I could no longer hear with my hearing aids.  I was truly deaf.  Now, I understood “deafness.”  I was devastated–I was thinking “How am I going to live my life????” I only knew the hearing world. My career, my family, social ties, and friends were all hearing.  I also competed in the extremely competitive world of Arabian show horses – I needed to hear the announcer.  After being depressed and being miserable for several days,  I made a decision. Cochlear Implants!  I realized I had nothing to lose in obtaining a cochlear implant. After an agonizing 6 months without hearing, I finally received a cochlear implant.  I had to learn how to cope with all the noise and the rehabilitation process was not easy and fast.  However, I prevailed and eventually I heard clear sound again. Later on, I had my other ear implanted.  Finally, I am very grateful for my cochlear implants.  Life is truly grand with my  own personal “surround sound system” (Cochlear Implants).  I truly believes cochlear implants are the greatest invention known to mankind.  As a result of being a bilateral implant recipient, I am still able to continue and lead a productive, fulfilling and satisfying life.    

I hope by telling you a little bit about me, it will help you understand my viewpoints and my passion for hearing loss advocacy.

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I truly believe:


 On the other hand, the views and opinions I express are truly just views and opinions.  I do not profess to be a medical professional, audiologist, etc. In addition, I respect all opinions of others and I respect “Deaf Culture.” I also respect all cochlear manufacturers and I am thankful for all of them, because they enable people to hear.  I truly thank all the audiologists, hearing aid dispensers, ENTs, speech pathologists, etc for trying to make the world better for the hard of hearing. 

My wish is for all of us to live in a harmonious and peaceful world.  I realize that is a big undertaking, so let’s take it one ear at a time! and help each other!

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