“Supreme Chance”

Chance Full Size“SUPREME CHANCE”  Affectionately known as Chance.  Chance is a rather elegant, pretty, very leggy, tall Half Arabian-Saddlebred.  Chance came into my life as a late 2 year old.  I will never forget when I saw him for the first time.  Blake had received some horses on consignment from a local breeder.  I was at the farm visiting with Megiddo.  Chance was in the cross-ties.  When I saw him, the first thought that came to  my mind was “what a gangly fellow, with such a cute face.” However, I began to realize potential after Blake told me about his pedigree.  “Adorable Bourbon” was his dam, and she was a legendary Saddlebred mare who bred numerous Half-Arabian Champions, most noteable in SaddleSeat and Costume.  I really was not looking for another horse at the time.  The factor that made me consider him, was that Megiddo was on “lay up” from his surgery.  We did not know at the time, if Megiddo would recover and return to his glory “as a winning show horse.” With some help from Mom and Dad, who used  part of my “future wedding funds” to help me purchase him, I did!  Lo and behold, another dream of mine came true, that of owning a Chestnut Half-Arabian Saddlebred.


Chance was started under saddle as a 3 year old.  He was progressing nicely as a future SaddleSeat Prospect.  Meanwhile, Megiddo was starting to recover very nicely from his surgery.  Since I was on a budget, I decided to focus on Megiddo, after all this was his glory season.  Chance continued to be trained lightly.  Fast forward, about 1 1/2 years later.  I was giving an opportunity to train horses in Georgia for Jabar Arabians, home of “Padron” in his later years.  At this time, I was in transition, with the horses, Megiddo just retired from the show ring and Chance has not made his show ring debut.  I was also in transition from my retail career.  We all went to Georgia, my life and Chances’s life was about to be drastically altered.

One day, I noticed Chance had a scratch on his eye.  I called the vet and they prescribed treatment.  Well, the next day, it was worse, his eye had major milky film  on it.  To make a very long story short, he was rushed to the Univ of Georgia Vet School, where he underwent very intensive care by a team or should I say an army of people! They managed to save his eye! I returned to Texas after Chance’s setback and I returned to work in the Retail world.  I eventually restarted Chance back up under saddle.  At first, he was a royal pain in the you know what, because he was so spoiled from all the attention he received under medical supervison.  He also needed to gain a ton of weight.  I started him as a Saddleseat horse, but soon came to realize that he was more cut out to be a Hunter.  I moved him to Optimum Training Center with Tanya Burke.  Tanya was able to “finish” Chance and he went on to be a successful show hunter!   Thanks Tanya for the beautiful job you had done with Chance!

Chance was at Optimum Training Center for almost two years.  I had just moved back to Houston, Texas in January of 2009.  I didn’t mind driving just a little over two hours to see Chance for a while.  Ultimately, I missed riding on real regular basis, thus I made the decision to return Chance closer to me.  So, I moved Chance to Goslin-Nix Training Center in Magnolia, Texas.  I am having a great time learning yet under another trainer, this time Jennifer Goslin-Nix.  It is awesome riding 3-4 times a week again.  I am a real hands-on horse owner.  I just love to ride!!!!!!!!  

How would I describe Chance?

He wants to be the most popular kid on the block-extremely personable.  He is very mischievous.  He  loves to get “into things.”  Yet, Less is totally more, when you ride Chance.

Now, you know a little bit about my “showing partner.”

Chance and I
Chance and I

August 15, 2011Chance was sold.  It was probably one of the hardest things I ever had to do.  It took me 8 years to do it.  However, the timing was right.  Chance and I accomplished everything that we had set out to do.  He taught me many things along the way, most importantly, to never, ever, give up and that patience can go along way toward accomplishing your goal.  I am excited for Chance’s future.  He has a wonderful new young lady in his life and I know they will go far in whatever they desire to achieve together.  I also know I will be rooting Chance on when he returns to the show ring.

Thank you Chance for being a big part of my life.  I will always love you and I will miss you tremendously!  However, I know you are loved and that you are happy!!!  With all my love, Susanna 🙂
By sharing my story, combined with the horses, I hope I was able to inspire hope.  That anything is possible.  Chance, Megiddo, and I did not let our physical handicaps stop us from being champions in the ring and life!  So, get out there! and do what you want to do! Do not let anything stop you!!!!! I didn’t!!!!!

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