Megiddo and I

“B.A. Megiddo”  Affectionately, known as Meg.  Megiddo took my breathe away the first time I saw him almost 15 years ago.  He is a handsome purebred gelding of 15.2 hands with a flaxen mane and tail, descended from the legendary “Aladdinn.”  Megiddo is solely responsible for my foray into this enchanted world of Arabian Horses and Arabian showing.

At the time, I met him, I had just begun working at Arabians Internationale under the guidance of Dan McNair, as a part-time weekend groom and conditioner.  I was never exposed to Arabians before.  I grew up riding English on hunters/jumpers.  It was truly by accident that I stumbled upon the Arabian world, because of a little itty bitty ad in our small-town weekly newspaper that my mom discovered.

megiddo-at-pro-amMy life was to be altered forever, at the time I couldn’t afford Megiddo.  However, about 5 years later, he was mine!!!! It was a dream come true.  He is my first horse and he will always hold a special place in my heart, forever.  He is still a part of my life! He is now 21! and still going strong! Megiddo taught me many things about life: competitition, perserverance, patience, goal-setting, etc. the list is endless….. Megiddo was my first show horse; he was already a winning show horse in the Costume, Halter and English saddleseat division.  I just assumed, he would continue his winning ways with me.  We eventually did have many successes; however, it took a bunch of failure and embarrassment to get there.  We prevailed with lots of hard work and try! Never giving up on the goal.  Ultimately, he went on to a very successful career as a Park Horse.  He is even a National Champion Top Ten in Park-Youth (narrowly missed Reserve Champion by 2 points!)megiddo-park-trot

How would I describe Megiddo:  He is a very strong horse, with his own mind!  Strong-willed!  Loves to show and loves lots of action! It takes a while for him to warm up to other people, but when he does, he is your friend forever!  An incredible can-do attitude! Megiddo also overcame a physical handicap! For many years, he had recurring foot abscesses that always caused him to go lame.  It was extremely frustrating, after appts. with many vets, farriers, etc. -we were finally able to come to the source of his problem. Megiddo underwent surgery and came back better than after.  Megiddo’s trainer at the time, Blake Krohn of Oak Haven Arabians was absolutely amazed at how Megiddo endured the pain all those years and still continued to perform.  However, we must say, that Megiddo did perform much better and more consistently after he had the surgery.  It was the beginning of the glory year and season as a Park Horse.megiddo-us-nationals

I finally retired Megiddo from showing at the age of 16.  I accomplished everything I wanted to do with him.  In addition, I am an Amateur Owner/Rider who supports her own “habit.” I make a decent living, but I was not rich by any means.  I helped support my habit, by bartering off “my experience as a show groom, and conditioner.”  This was not too bad, because I enjoyed the work, yes, it was physically demanding, the hours are long and it can get really hot in Texas in the summer.  I enjoyed the challenges and learned many things about training and showing horses from several different trainers.

What is Megiddo doing now? He was a show horse all his life.  So, I finally turned him out to pasture for about 3 years and he became a “professional lawn mower.” He absolutely loved it! I still rode him for fun, quite often.  About a year and 1/2 ago, I noticed, he would watch the other riders and all the activities going on in the work arena.  I began to think, he missed being a “show horse,” so I made a decision to let another farm use him.  I thought, “Megiddo can certainly teach many kids about riding.”  LRPH has an active show group, a bustling riding lesson program, and great summer camps geared toward youth.  It took awhile for Megiddo to fit in (remember Meg’s challenging personality that I describe earlier!)  Even though, he is 21, he is still a very strong horse and still very physically capable.  Eventually, he settled in and he is very happy here! He has a job he loves and he works regularly with respect to his age.  He also has his regular riders. Ultimately, he gets to go to schooling shows. Lori Ragland says, “the only time she has to restrain Megiddo is when she is leading him to the horse trailer!”  He is ready to show and literally runs and jumps into the trailer.  All in all, I am glad Megiddo is happy and I am happy, that he is happy.  I still visit Megiddo often and I take him for walks when we are together.  After all, he is mine-forever and alwaysmegiddoliberty1


August 15, 2011 Not sure where the time goes after all these years.  Megiddo just celebrated his “24th” birthday.  Megiddo is finally home in Magnolia, Texas at Buck Grass’s farm.  He is now in full retirement where he gets to enjoy his days “cutting the grass” and hanging out with his pasture pal, Pepsi.”  He enjoyed his time at LRPH’s.  Megiddo let me know; it was time to just enjoy life!  He has had a wonderful career with movements of triumph and defeat.  It has been an exciting ride and I learned much along the way.  He still inspires me to this day.  I know he is happy and I still visit him often.  I still ride him, it may be a short ride, but he still enjoys it.  He still wants to go!  I will always love him!!!!!! Welcome Home Megiddo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2 responses to ““B.A.Megiddo”

  1. Ariana

    how did you get him to trot that way? It is absolutely amazing! What breed is he?

  2. Ariana

    What a beautiful arabian usually the aren’t so upright, WOW! 🙂

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