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Houston HLA Holiday Party

Houston HLA Christmas Party December 2008

A fun time was had by all.  We had an awesome turnout at this delightful party.   We thank Lois Johnson for graciously hosting this party at her daughter’s home in Northwest Houston. 

It was my first HLA Christmas party.  I was not sure what to expect.  It turned out to be an awesome party.  As you all know, I am relatively new to HLA and Houston HLA.  Thus, I am still meeting so many members.  I was able to chat with many members that I have not meet yet.  It was great to do it an informal and festive setting.  I am continually amazed at how much I am still learning about hearing loss and cochlear implants from others.  I love hearing everyone’s story.  They are all truly unique and different.  Just like ice cream, coming in 31 flavors, plus some!  This is how I feel when I hear all these incredible stories, no two stories are alike —–everyone has a different “cochlear implant”  and hearing loss story. 

There so was plenty of food! A little bit of everything!

Teri, Allen, and I also briefly spoke about the excitement for the coming year for Houston HLA!  We are all pumped about our new location! new time! new programs! and exciting workshops! 

By the way, check out more Houston HLA Holiday photos at

Share Houston HLA with everyone !!!!!! Invite them to our meetings! Share this blog with them.  As y’all can tell, I am posting and blogging all my HLA activities on this blog.   We must continue to get the word out!

As always! Have a sunny day! Susanna

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Houston Chapter – Hearing Loss Association New/Old Board Meeting

Wow, yesterday was the first meeting of the new officers for the Houston Chapter of Hearing Loss Association for 2009.  I was pretty psyched.  After all, I had just became a member of this chapter at the July 2008 meeting.  I just jumped in…I heard about this organization for many years.  I admit I been to a couple of meetings back in the late 90’s, even went to a couple of meetings in Dallas in early 2000’s.  Now, I look back on it and I realized I did not want to admit to the world that I was hard of hearing.  This past summer, I was ready!!! more than ready!  You ask, what made me change my mind—many things…..I will begin with one reason,  I was not happy with the way cochlear implants have been portrayed in the media lately….there was much negative publicity about it or they (the media) did not represent the cochlear implants correctly. I am a recent bilateral cochlear implant receipent and it truly changed my world for the better!!! The CI’s totally rock!!!

Back to July 2009, I went to meeting and I gave an impromptu speech of my life as a hard of hearing person, former hearing aid user, and now bilateral cochlear implant user.  It was a blast and I received lots of positive feedback…. Now, I felt like the time was right to join Houston-HLAA.  Fast forward to November—I was elected Co-president of 2009!!!!  Pretty quick, I know, but I am real excited —I am ready to help energize this chapter with the help of all these awesome Houston-HLAA members…I am ready to learn from them….they have lots of experience with this chapter!    Stay tuned …..and I will share more news from the Houston HLAA Chapter

Have a sunny day! As always Susanna

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