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Cochlear Hearing Health Fair

Hello All

Do you want to learn more about Cochlear Implants?   Houston is having a cochlear hearing health fair on January 29th.  I will be there to share with others the delights and joys of being a bilateral cochlear implant wearer.


“My hearing was

restored with a cochlear implant!”

Meet cochlear implant users

Attend education and information sessions

Meet with doctors and audiologists

Struggling with

your hearing aids?

Learn how cochlear implant users have

gained more than just their hearing!

Cochlear and the elliptical logo are trademarks of Cochlear Limited.

Call for more information or to register:

1-877-HEAR-THIS (432-7844)

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2 ears vs. 1

Hello All

Hope everyone is ready for the new year!

This article appeared in my Cochlear Americas newsletter.  I totally agree 2 ears are better than one.

In the past as a former hearing aid user, I always wore both hearing aids even though I had hardly any hearing in my right ear.  Why, it helped me to locate sound better.

As a bilateral cochlear implant wearer, I always wear both!!!!!  It is like having surround sound on your head.  The listening experience is way better. 

If you are hesitant about 2 ears vs.  1.  I suggest you read the article and serious consider having “2 ears.”  You will love it!!!!!  Trust me!!!!!

Are Two Ears Are Better Than One?

Our bodies are designed to hear sound in stereo, using two ears to receive sound from the world around us. Just as we use two eyes to see the whole picture, we use two ears to hear the whole story. This process of hearing with both ears, called binaural hearing, helps us filter important sounds from background noise and quickly identify the direction of incoming sounds. People who hear through both ears may perceive sound to be louder and be able detect smaller differences in loudness and pitch. The ability to detect loudness and pitch differences often aids in better speech understanding in both quiet and noisy environments.1

For people who are hearing impaired, hearing through both ears can be achieved multiple ways:

  • two hearing aids
  • one hearing aid and one cochlear implant
  • two cochlear implants


Hearing with both ears, also called bilateral hearing, can be an advantage in many everyday activities. For example, it may help when crossing a busy street or listening to your family at the dinner table.

The ability to hear better in noisy places such as a classroom or workplace, may improve performance at school or on the job.

If you are considering a bilateral hearing solution for you or your child, talk with your hearing healthcare professional about your options.

Book Susanna today to speak at your next event, www.susannamdussling.com

Susanna’s book:  www.sunnyandhercochlearimplants.com

As always, have a sunny day and a sunny new year.


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The Nucleus 5

Hello Everyone!

Spring is here! Which means we are in contest season in Toastmasters.  I had participated in a contest and I had a blast.  I also had a chance to enjoy several contests as an audience member.  It is a real learning experience to hear great speakers and learn from them.

Well,  I presented at the CyFair SuperSpeakers this past Monday.  I gave a speech titled, “The NUCLEUS 5”  In this speech, I shared many features and benefits of the Nucleus 5 and I involved the audience.  It also had humor and was conversational.

I enjoyed presenting and I was delighted when I received many compliments afterwards on the presentation.  The icing on the cake was my “Best Speaker” award.

Cochlear Implants are the best thing that ever happened to me!  As always, Have a sunny day.  Susanna

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California Dreaming

Hello Everyone

Hollywood Walk
Hollywood Walk

The following flikr link is for a bunch of photos I took in California in March 2009.  There were several ladies, I took the trip with, we were all together in California to go sightseeing and most importantly attend the Cochlear Celebration.  They are a truly phenomal group of ladies.  Thanks ladies!  I had a great time getting to know y’all.  It really was neat to hear all their stories.  Even though we all have cochlear implants, everyone’s story was different.  I was truly amazed!

100_0174The ladies include Teri Wathen, Ester Kelly, Lydia Cruzen, Paula Holzband, Ann Boyd and I.
California surely is a beautiful place with lots of people and traffic! The weather was awesome!
Here’s the photo link
As Always, Have a sunny day.

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Cochlear Americas




 Hello Everyone!  It sure is good to be back.  Last night, I went to an enjoyable, informative event about Cochlear Implants at Memorial Herman Hospital Southwest.  The presentation was put on by Cochlear Americas (They are one of several companies that make cochlear implants).   Paula Moore who is the Houston Area Cochlear Network Manager,  presented the workshop with two other Cochlear Audiologists, titled “Connect with your Community. ”

       The event was standing room only! They had an exceptional turn out!  It was only supposed to be about 40 people, I bet they almost doubled it.  Light refreshments was served and you were welcomed with a smile from the Cochlear staff.

Once everyone was settled in, Paula , who is a bilateral cochlear implant wearer, welcomed everyone and she shared her hearing loss/cochlear implant story.  She gave pertinent information for those that were considering cochlear implants.  Next, Paula shared “the support system” at Cochlear whether it’s insurance, rehabilitation, networking, etc.  Then, Paula introduced the “professionals,” the staff at HERF -Houston Ear Research Foundation and the Cochlear Audiologists.  Dr. Walter McReynolds of HERF, a local respected Cochlear Implant Surgeon remarked,  “he was glad to see his “Cochlear Family” and was thrilled to hear the success stories of how CI’s changed their lives.”   Jan-the director at HERF,  gave some enlightening statistics about the growing trend of adults and children receiving CI’s.  Jan noted it was interesting,  “How more adults in Houston receive implants versus the children, whereas nationwide more children are implanted than adults. ”   I thought it was an interesting point, I am glad many parents are doing everthing possible for their child to be a part of the hearing world.  On the other hand, it concerns me that more adults are not receptive or considerated of the cochlear implant.  Does that mean we need to educate more adults on all the possible advantages of receiving a CI??  I truly believe many adults do not want to change, or they are believing in old outdated information, such as hearing loss can not be corrected, the stigma attached to hearing loss, etc.  Thus, this is were the advocacy comes in!  We must change all this!!!! today!!!!! 

In addition, MaryLynn McDonald a HERF Audiologist was there too.  She may not be the surgeon; however, she has the best and most important job, she helps all of us CI wearers to hear again, by programming and mapping our CI’s.  She is very patient with us, because I will be the first to tell you that this is not an easy process, but if you are willing and motivated, she will help you hear again with your CI’s.

Then, Paula introduced Assisted Listening Devices.  She shared all the wonderful gadgets that Cochlear introduced to help us listen in a variety of different setting.  Next, Paula introduced Teri Wathen of CAAG who presented non- Cochlear ALD’s, yet they are compatible with CI’s.  You can find out more about ALD’s in one of my earlier blog posts.

Finally, she let people from the audience ask questions.  There were a wide variety of questions that were answered.   Furthermore, several CI wearers in the audience helped answer questions.  This was important because CI users like learning from other CI receipients and it was good for people who are considering CI’s.  Why, because most of the responses were all positive in relation to their CI experience.

I was glad I went, I picked up some great pamplets to utilize for myself and to share with others.  It also gave me a chance to meet other CI recipients. I was also able to “thank” Dr. McReynolds, who did my surgeries and who I had not seen in more than 2 years.  The last time I saw DR. R was the day he operated on me for my 2nd implant, Dec. 26, 2007.  I told him ” the cochlear implants” changed my life for the better.   It was also nice to visit with the staff at HERF and Cochlear Americas.  In addition, several member of the Houston HLAA chapter was there, too! 

All in All, it was a great time! and most importantly, I want to thank the staff at HERF and Cochlear Americas for changing my life in the most awesome way!    Thus, I will be looking forward to the Cochlear Celebration in March in California at Disneyland! WhooHoo! Here I come!  —Look for a future blog about the Cochlear Celebration.

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