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Walk for Hearing KickOff Houston

100_0253abHello Everyone

I attended the Walk for Hearing Kickoff in Houston, Texas with my mom and dad at PrimaPasta.

I believe a great time was had by all.  This kickoff was created to stir up excitement for our upcoming walk at Tom Bass Park on November 7, 2009.

It is for a very good cause-Hearing Loss Association www.hearingloss.org  Hearing loss is a growing national problem, yet only 20% of people do something about their hearing loss!  That is sad indeed.  There are many reason why people do not do nothing.  Some of the most popular reasons are people feel like their is no help, or there is to much misunderstanding, or they are in denial! and they do not think they have a hearing problem.

The event began at 2:00 with an excellent lunch catered by PrimaPasta to include salad, spaghetti and meatballs,  and tiramasu! Which was absolutely devine!  During our meal, we had a chance to catch up with others, while there was an awesome slide show in the background of our 2008 walk.

Once we concluded our meal, Ray Wathen was Master of Ceremonies, and he presented our program. It  began witha short video of our National Walk, next Ray introduced our presenters such as our sponsors,  Max McCarthy from Hearing Systems and Nabeel from WindStar Energy.  Then, Lois Johnson our newly elected Texas State  Officer gave a short presentation about the Houston Walk to include how to participate, set up your “Walk Page” and fund-raising. 

There was alot of excitement in the air at the conclusion of the presentation.  We all  picked up “Walk for Hearing” materials and did some last minute visiting.

I had a great time and I hope you come out and participate in the Walk on Nov 7, 2009, go to my walk page at http://hlaa.convio.net/goto/smdussling to findout more, participate and /or make a donation.

As always, Have a sunny day! Susanna

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Houston Walk 4 Hearing 2009

Hello Everyone

Labor Day has come and gone, fall is just around the corner.  Therefore, that means one thing, The Houston Walk for Hearing is fast approaching.

This will be my second year to participate in the Walk on November 7, 2009 at Tom Bass Park in Pearland.

I had a blast doing the walk last year, we raised a ton of money and a great time was had by all who attended and/or participated in the walk.

This walk is sponsored by the Hearing Loss Association of America at www.hearingloss.org .  Hearing loss affects over 36 million people, yet only 20% of people do something about their hearing loss.  It is a shame that more people do not seek help for their hearing loss.  This organization provides support for people that are hard of hearing and they also do lots of advocacy work.  It is an awesome organization.  I am proud to be a member of this organization.

Here is a short video of the walk for hearing in action:

The Walk helps us raise money for both the national organization and the local chapter.

So, come on out, have fun, and learn more about hearing loss on November 7, 2009.

By the way, I also created my own personal walk page at


Be a part of my team and/or make a donation to a worthwhile organization.

As always, Have a sunny day Susanna


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Houston Hearing Loss Association Happenings 2009

Well, Houston HLA  www.hearingloss-houston.org  is off to a great start for 2009.  We moved to another venue and changed the time.  As a result of this dynamic change, we had a tremendous increase in visitors and guests at our February meeting.  

It was even more exciting when we outgrew our meeting room at our new location, the first time out meeting there! 

All in all, the February meeting was very interesting.  For our February program, we had a panel of people who were related to someone with hearing loss.  Teri Wathen was the moderator.  Teri asked various questions to the different members of the panel — most questions were related to “what is life like living with a person who is hard of hearing?’   The responses were varied, as their own experiences were unique.  Thus, the different insight was helpful to the audience, because their is no one solution to dealing with hearing loss and communicating with those that are hard of hearing.   Some comments made us laugh, others made us think and then some comments made us realize we had been throught the same experiences.  All in all, it was a great program.  Afterwards, we had time to visit and socialize with current members and visit with new prospective members. 

Houston Hla members have also been working real hard to put on an awesome education workshop on March 7, 2009 called “Do you hear what I hear.”  Jesse Petty spearheaded this workshop and it will include a welcome by Mayor Bill White and include 2 programs by renown hard of hearing speaker and actress, Gael Hannan.   It will also include other various workshops related to hearing loss during the morning and afternoon. 

In addition, the workshop will have free hearing screenings and vendors will be on site as well.

Most importanly, this workshop is free!!!!!!!!  Register and RSVP online and you will receive a free lunch at www.stlukesmethodist.org/hearing  

This workshop will be at St.Luke’s United Methodist church at 3471 Westheimer at Edloe Hn. Tx. 77027

We also have some other exciting programs for the Spring, so come check out our meetings the second saturday of the month at 930 am at ST.Luk’es.

March:  “Dare to Be Different”  Presentation about a Lady and her 2 golden boys (Arabian Horses)  who all overcame physical disabilities to be Champions in Life and the Show Ring.  Furthermore, Susanna shares how ALD’s help her compete in the show ring.  It is a motivational, inspirational and educational presentation.

April:  We will have an Outstanding Presentation from a Leading Forensic Scientist, more details to come.

May:  Another insightful Presentation from a Lady who will teach us awesome lipreading skills.

June:  We will takE off for the National HLAA Convention in Nashville, Tennessee.

By the way, hearing people are more than welcome to attend our meetings.  The more people we share hearing loss with, the better off we all are!

Put us on your calendar, it will be worth your while to be a part of this organization or at least visit.  We  look forward to meeting you!

As always, Have a sunny day!  Susanna

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Houston Chapter – Hearing Loss Association New/Old Board Meeting

Wow, yesterday was the first meeting of the new officers for the Houston Chapter of Hearing Loss Association for 2009.  I was pretty psyched.  After all, I had just became a member of this chapter at the July 2008 meeting.  I just jumped in…I heard about this organization for many years.  I admit I been to a couple of meetings back in the late 90’s, even went to a couple of meetings in Dallas in early 2000’s.  Now, I look back on it and I realized I did not want to admit to the world that I was hard of hearing.  This past summer, I was ready!!! more than ready!  You ask, what made me change my mind—many things…..I will begin with one reason,  I was not happy with the way cochlear implants have been portrayed in the media lately….there was much negative publicity about it or they (the media) did not represent the cochlear implants correctly. I am a recent bilateral cochlear implant receipent and it truly changed my world for the better!!! The CI’s totally rock!!!

Back to July 2009, I went to meeting and I gave an impromptu speech of my life as a hard of hearing person, former hearing aid user, and now bilateral cochlear implant user.  It was a blast and I received lots of positive feedback…. Now, I felt like the time was right to join Houston-HLAA.  Fast forward to November—I was elected Co-president of 2009!!!!  Pretty quick, I know, but I am real excited —I am ready to help energize this chapter with the help of all these awesome Houston-HLAA members…I am ready to learn from them….they have lots of experience with this chapter!    Stay tuned …..and I will share more news from the Houston HLAA Chapter

Have a sunny day! As always Susanna

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