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Laffmasters Toastmasters Club


I haven’t really shared much about another passion of mine.  I know what you’re thinking, she’s doing enough already with her hearing loss awareness and showing horses.

I also enjoy being involved in Toastmasters.  It is an awesome organization that has tremendous benefits for everyone involved.  Some of the many benefits include how to speak in public with more confidence, giving effective and timely meetings, in addition to building leadership skills.  Go to http://toastmasters.org to find out more.

What I enjoy most about Toastmasters is actually giving speeches, I love to speak!  Toastmasters gives you effective evaluations so you are always striving to improve your presentations.

Laffmasters is a unique Toastmasters club because they require you to use humor in your presentations and evaluations.  I learned that if you can make your audience laugh, even if it is a motivational and inspirational speech, it will be even more effective presentation that reaches the heart and soul.  After all, who doesn’t like to laugh.

I have received many compliments on my presentations.  However, my mom told me I need to inject more humor into my talks.  Thus, I am now a member of Laffmasters Toastmasters.

Furthemore, I will be attending the Spring Toastmasters Conference in Clear Lake in late May.  I hope to learn many new interesting speaking tips and to network with other speakers. 

In addition, Toastmasters, puts on many neat speaking contests and I will be a contestant at a contest on June 4, 2009.  I am excited. It is an Icebreakers contest.  The theme is to share something about yourself with the audience.  I will share with the audience my hearing loss story and how I did not let my hearing loss stop me from leading a productive and satisfying life.   So, come to the Tracy Gee Center in Houston and hear this story and lots of other unique stories.

As for speaking, I will be speaking twice at the upcoming Hearing Loss Convention in Nashville in mid June.  I am real excited.  Why, this is my first real large speaking event.  I am ready. 

By the way, when you book a speaker for your next event, contact me, at susannadussling@yahoo.com.  I have several themes I can share with your audience to include overcoming adversity, hearing loss awareness and communication stragedies, goal setting, competition, and finding your purpose in life.

Their will be a business website coming soon, with audio and video tapes for sale.  So stay tuned!

As Always, Have a Sunny day.


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