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Cochlear Celebration 2009

I am so excited.  Two weeks from tomorrow, I will be in Sunny California- the land of dreams, hope and endless sunshine for the Cochlear Celebration put on by Cochlear Americas.

The Celebration starts on Thursday.   I am going up on Tuesday, so I can do some sightseeing and possibly stargazing??? of Hollywood and all its tourist traps, such as the Mann Theatre, Mulholland Blvd, the legendary Hollywood sign, etc with a visit to Universal Studios.  On Thursday, I hope to hit the beaches, Venice, Marina DelRey and Santa Monica.  At least that’s the plan, anyway. 

I am going to Celebration with a group of ladies who all wear cochlear implants and are passionate about spreading the positive word about cochlear implants.

The Celebration starts Thursday evening with an ice cream social which gives us an opportunity to meet others with cochlear implants.  Then, there will be two full days of workshops including an expo. 

Friday evening will include a volunteer reception which I had been invited.  I look forward to meeting other volunteers and learning how they share their passion of cochlear implants.

Saturday evening will include a trip to Dsneyland! for our very own private party! Whoo! Hoo!

Sunday, we will conclude with a farewell breakfast and say goodbye to all the many new friends I  made over the weekend.  However, I  know I will not go home without lots of incredible memories and many email addresses.

I went to Celebration in 2007 at San Antonio, Tx.  It was a trip to be cherished especially Professor Graeme Clark’s presentation which  was awe inspiring!

Come join us in California, it will be a trip you will never forget.

When I come back from Celebration, I will share my trip with you!

As always,  Have a sunny day! Susanna

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